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VWFL Regulations

The Victoria Women's Fastball League follows the Softball Canada Official Guide and Rule Book  and Softball BC's Handbook of the Constitution and Operating Rules, with exception and/or clarification of the articles found in the VWFL Constitution.

Ground Rules

Article 10 of the VWFL Constitution states, "The Executive and umpires shall set out the guidelines for each field of play  prior to the commencement of the season, and those guidelines shall be distributed to all Team Representatives. The team captains, coaches and umpires shall review the ground rules prior to the start of each game."


The VWFL Constitution outlines the following team representative duties:


Each team in the VWFL shall elect two (2) Team Representatives at the beginning of the season, and no later than the first week prior to the Ice Breaker Tournament.

At least one Team Representative for each team shall attend all Team Representative and General Meetings of the VWFL as scheduled by the Executive to represent their team.

Each team, through their Team Representative, shall be entitled to one vote at all such meetings. Should a team not be represented by a Team Representative at such meetings, they may authorize a Team Representative from another team, or a member of the Executive, in writing, to vote for their team by proxy.

Team Representatives shall:


Softball Canada does not offer a bat approval program however bats must comply with the current ASA (Amateur Softball Association) bat standards. The VWFL follows the non-approved bats list as established by the ASA. The ASA no longer displays every bat made by bat manufacturers that do not comply with current ASA bat standards. If you want to know what bats are approved for use, click here to view the ASA Approved Bats Datatbase.

For information purposes only, the following documents will help to identify non-approved bats. However, we recommend using the ASA certified bats database.


The VWFL holds events which include time-limited games.
Click here to download a flow chart for what to do when time is/has run(ning) out.