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About Us

Founded as the Provincial Government Women's Softball League, with archives dating back to 1970, we are now the Victoria Women's Fastball League (VWFL).

Located in Victoria, BC, the VWFL is a member of Softball BC, and is classified as Senior 'D' Fastpitch.

The VWFL follows the Softball Canada Official Guide and Rule Book and Softball BC's Handbook of the Constitution and Operating Rules, with exception and/or clarification of the articles found in the VWFL Constitution.

Originally our teams consisted primarily of women from government funded agencies, ministries and corporations, but now, three decades later, we're made up of women from all over the Greater Victoria Region who have found sponsorship from local businesses or through fundraising activities.

We are owned by no one and operated by ourselves. Every year, the membership nominates and votes an executive committee to run the league. This committee consists of individuals from the league who have volunteered their time.

Just like any other organization, there are core values which describe us best, identify our beliefs, and govern many of our decisions.

To help ensure these values aren't forgotten and to acknowledge those members promote our values best and go the extra mile for our league, every year we nominate two individuals for the Sue Beischer Award and the Joannie Dillabaugh Award.

To promote sportsmanship, we also vote for the season's most sportmanlike team as well as the most spirited player on each team. Visit our awards pagefor more details about our annual awards and trophies.